When you first get a shipment of fish?

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Discus were a little stressed when they came in clapped fins, and swimmming fast…what can I do to help them out….thanks

You must handle the fish with care. The fish will be stressed during the shipment.

What you have to do?
1. The temperatures inside the plastic bag and your tank is different.
2. Splash or wash the outside of the plastic bag with clean tap water.
3. Leave the plastic in the tank which you intend to put in the fish for about 30 minutes
4. Take out the plastic bag then use a clean net to net the fish out into the tank.

How to treat the fish?
a) Acriflavine + Salt
b) Methylene Blue + Salt
1. Apply either one solution above.
2. Water level preferable about 8 inches height.
3. Change the water everyday and apply the solution.
4. Repeat the treatment for 3 days.

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