Which food is suitable for fry discus fish?

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I work in breeding discus fish in Iran.I hatching eggs artificial discus fish . Larvea start swimming and give them artemia naupli but they have not them then die.I would like give me some information about artificial food fry after swimming larvea.thank you

Why you want to do it artificially. Why can’t you allow the parents to do it in natural way? Natural nursing is good for fry. They will have something from their parents, which we cannot provide them.
At least for the first week they feed from their parents. Few days after the first week you can separate them because they should be able to take artemia by then.
Another food to substitute artemia is hard-boiled egg yolk. You will sieve the eggs yolk through a very fine net then feed them drop by drop.
You must be very careful as egg yolk can easily pollute the water.Do change water after feeding.

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