White greyish mucus

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I have two discus about 1 1/2 years old sharing the same 30 gallon tank:
PH: 6.0-6.5
TEMP: 85 degrees
Filter: Sponge filter and bio filter
Food: Primarily flake/occasionally frozen brine shrimp.
Water change: 3 gallons/day tap water (add stress coat and appropriate ph reducer
Normal behavior: Get along fine/always try to breed; sometimes come close

I awoke today and the female discus has a white/greyish mucus down one of it’s sides and seems to be struggling/inactive/hiding/staying at surface off balance.Waste seems normal, but now they have no appetite (this is rare). Could not tell if it had Hexamita or Costia. I saw this in the male on and off before, but much less serious and I thought it had to do with the mating.I have just gotten home and the male now has these white patches on an eye and also down it’s side.

Action taken:
Did a 25% water change this morning and took out the carbon filter.I added the correct amount recommended by BINOX(1 teaspoon/25G)(for fungus and bacteria).I also turned the main fish tank light off and left the room light on dimly to relieve stress.
Increased temp. to 88-90 degrees. I really care alot about my discus and hope I am doing the right thing for them.Does this look like a case of Costia to you? Did I medicate correctly or did I misdiagnose? Should I have increased the temp?

First of all you should treat your fish in a hospital tank. Your main tank has already full of fungus, parasite and also bacteria.
Anything that can kill parasite and bacteria can use to treat your fish. Add Methylene, which is very effective for killing fungus. Raise salt content in the water.

You can use Formalin 1ml/100 liter of water to kill parasite and bacteria.
Change 50% of water daily and replace half amount of medicine.

Poor water quality leads to this disease. It can spread very fast. It is so infectious and can kill all the fish in the same tank within a few days.

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