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One of my Discus (a blue marble) suddenly in about 4 days time became very thin. He was eating before, so I guess he would have worms. Suddenly he was very weak and thin. I took him out of my tank, and put him in a separate medicine tank. I added some salt to the water, and Waterlife Sterazin (treatment for flukes and worms). The fish was very weak, and didn’t want to eat. I tried to force feed him twice with a syringe (bloodworm and tubifex). Within a day of start of treatment he died. Did I do something wrong? ShouldI have added something else instead of the worm medicine? How can I treat a fish that is so thin and weak a bit better in the future. The rest of my tank is fat and healthy, but I added some deworming medicine to the tank just as a precaution. Thank you

Definitely you are wrong. The fish as you said is weak surely you cannot undergo this treatment to her. Yes, you can put in the worm medicineĀ in the water, since she does not eat. Normally, it is ok if the fish not eating for one or two weeks.

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